MHA Disability Awareness Resource Links

Compiled originally as a list of service learning resources by Lovetie Browne Major and Robin Nemser May, 2003 as a graduate class assignment to assist professionals and volunteers in the design and implementation of service-learning projects, which will advance the cause of children and young adults with disabilities through some resources they found useful on the Internet; this page was revised and broadened May 2013 by MHA to include other General Disability Resources available to help advance the care and well being and support of persons with disability in the larger society. Many thanks to contributors of the general disability resource links they found interesting to share. The general disability resource entries are listed alphabetically by subject categories.

Disability Awareness Curriculum/Materials

Easter Seals-Friends Who Care

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities 

The Disability Awareness and Character Development Lecture Series

Disability Awareness Related Links

Best Buddies


Cerebral Palsy Guidance

Disability Awareness in Action (DAA)

Down Syndrome Organizations

Down Syndrome International

Global Down Syndrome Foundation

National Association for Down Syndrome

The National Down Syndrome Society

Down Syndrome Sites for Children

Down Syndrome – KidsHealth

What’s It Like To Have Down Syndrome? — National Geographic Kids

Humanitarian Organization

My Heart’s Appeal

Service-Learning Curriculum Links

Service-Learning Student’s Guide and Journal

The K-12 Giraffe Heroes Program

Service-Learning Links

National Service-Learning Clearinghouse (NSLC)

Service Learning Web Resources –

The International Partnership for Service Learning

General Disability Resources

A. Anxiety 

Disability and Low Self-Esteem

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in Children and Teens

Getting Over Grief: Understanding its Stages and How to Heal

I Was Terrified to Tell People I Have a Disability — Until I Was Forced to Be More Vulnerable Than I’d Ever Been Before

Paying for a Disabled Dependent’s Funeral: 3 Supportive Resources

Talking about your illness or disability

B. Autism

A Helpful Online Safety Guide for People With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism friendly sensory garden

Autism Parenting Magazine

Caring for Seniors with Autism

Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism

Guide on the Managing Autism Meltdowns, Tantrums and Aggression

How to Calm a Child with Autism

Is a Therapy Dog Right for Your Child with Autism 

Sleep Help For People With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Teaching children on the autism spectrum how to take medication

5 Ways To Manage Stress While Raising A Child With Autism

C. Education

Building Assertiveness: How to Help Your Quiet Child Speak Up

Business Programs and Resources for Entrepreneurs or Graduates with a Disability

Classroom Accommodations for Kids with Sensory Issues

College Education Degree Guides Online

College Guide for Students with Disabilities

College Information for Students with Disabilities

College for Students with Disabilities | Maryville University

College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Financial Aid Guide

Guide to Trade Careers for Students With Disabilities

Occupational Therapy Degree Series

Teaching  Degree Programs Online

Which US Campuses are most Disability-Friendly?

D. Employment

Business opportunities for people with disabilities

Business Programs and Resources for Entrepreneurs or Graduates with a Disability

Career and Employment Resources for People with Disabilities

Career Guide for People With Disabilities

Employment With a Disability Resource Guide

Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business on Disability Income

How to Disclose a Disability to Your Employer (and Whether You Should)

How To Increase Happiness and Productivity in the Workplace

The fully accessible guide to starting a business with a disability

E. Exercise

How To Know If Your Toddler Is Getting Enough Exercise

Increasing Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities

Stay Active with a Disability: Quick Tips

7 Ways To Raise Kids Who Love To Exercise

F. General Family Resources

College Students Guide to Ergonomics 

Dealhack Single Parent Savings Guide

Helpful Assistance Resource Guide for Seniors & Adults with Disabilities

New Parenting Resource

Persons with Disabilities Discount Guide

The Survival Guide For Specially-Abled Kids

G.  Health (General)

Bruxism and Sleep Apnea

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms

32 Chronic Pain Statistics to Help You Understand Your Health

Clinical Trial Guide for Seniors and the Elderly

Common Oral Conditions and Diseases: Children & Adolescents

Drugwatch: Health, Mental-health, Mental-illness and ADHD

Emotional Support Animals

First Aid Kit for College Students

Guide to Hearing Loss 

Hope For Mesothelioma Patients and Families


Mesothelioma Support

Rehab for the Deaf: Is There Such a Thing?

Resource for Alcohol Rehabilitation

Sensory Processing Treatments

The Autoimmune Disabilities Guide for Moms

H. Housing

A Landlord & Tenant’s Guide to Renting With a Disability

A Senior Citizen’s Guide to Home Loans and Reverse Mortgages

Affordable Home Improvement: 54 Genius Project & Renovation Ideas You Can Do for Cheap

Affordable Solutions for Wheelchair-Accessible Homes

All About Accessibility Remodeling and Retrofits

Complete Guide to Home and Auto Loans for Those With Disabilities

Disability Accommodation Cost Guide

Finding Wheelchair-accessible Homes in the City

Guide to Room-by-Room Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved One

Hearing Loss Home Modification Checklist

Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living

Home Ownership for the Disabled

Housing Guide Created Specifically for People Living with Disabilities

Moving Guide for Families of People with Blindness and Vision Impairments

Moving with Special Needs Kids

Navigating a Move with a Disability

Senior Home Remodeling Guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Wheelchair Accessible Hotels

The Truth About Home Modification Funding

I. Lifestyle

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

How to Create a More Accessible Garden

Home Optimization For Stay-At-Home Parents

Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling

10 Ways To Balance Your Life As A Single Parent

6 Wheelchair-Friendly Activities and Hobbies to Try If You Live with SMA

J. Nutrition 

ADHD Kid Won’t Eat? It’s All About Handling Appetites

Children’s nutrition: 10 tips for picky eaters

How To Teach Your Children To Make Good Food Choices At An Early Age

K.  Planning Ahead

Guide for caregivers on financial protection for those with Alzheimer’s

Guide to Life Insurance for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Listing: Grants for Adaptive Sports Equipment, Automotive, and Home Needs

The Complete Guide to Financial Help for Single Moms

Planning for Your Disabled Child Future

What Business Resources are Available for People with Disabilities?

L. Safety 

A Home Safety Checklist for Wheelchair Users

3 At-Home Safety Issues for Children with ADHD and How to Prevent Injury

Child Safety Guide: How To Keep Kids Safe When They’re Home Alone

Consumer Safety Guide

Create a Sensory Safe Yard for Children with Special Needs

4 Family Media Agreement Printables For Your Electronics

Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide

Guide to Bedroom Fall Prevention

Homeability Safe at Home Checklist

Home Fire Safety for People With Disabilities

How to Make Your Facility ADA Compliant

How to Make Your Garden Safe and Fun for Disabled Children

How to Prepare Your Home When Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease

Internet Safety for Children

Mobility Tips For People Who Are Blind

Outdoor Safety Tips for Children

M. Sleep

A Complete Guide To Benefits Of Sleep

Down Syndrome & Sleep Guide

How to Overcome Down Syndrome Sleep Challenges

Sleep and Disabilities: Everything You Should Know

N.  Travel

A guide to flying for people with disabilities’s Guide to Transportation

Guide to Flying with Disabilities and Special Needs

Step-by-Step Guide to Traveling With a Disability

Travelling Abroad with a Disability

Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Disabilities

Ultimate senior travel guide

O. Vision (Eye Care)

A Comprehensive Guide to Eye Care for Seniors

Your One-Stop-Shop For All Things Vision