To facilitate the establishment of quality training and employment for teenage and adult persons with disabilities in West Africa.

We are happy that you have developed an interest to browse and find out how you can help make a difference in the life of an intellectually disabled individual in West Africa. We need your support.

The first segment of our goal is fundraising for the community and programs enterprise in Liberia, West Africa. Enduring sustainability is a somber contemplation for My Heart’s Appeal, Inc.  Ideally, the bulk of our income is spent on programs, rather than operating costs.  Making shrewd choices that reduce overhead expenses is our goal.

A  feasibility study was completed August 2011 in Liberia, which ascertained the need for an establishment of quality training and employment of teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. My Heart’s Appeal, Inc. has embarked on an awareness campaign and continuously locate special needs children in and around communities that are being marginalized and not in educational programs.

Our proposed business model features 5 hubs, (Residential, Teacher Training, Recreation, Commercial and Vocational) or centers of activity, training and a community support infrastructure.  Together they will form a community enterprise to facilitate a life in a secure setting where residents may train, work and become productive.  Each hub is designed to be a revenue-generator to the end of becoming a self-sustaining community.

An assessment phase of our first hub, the Connie Thrash McGoodwin Vocational Training Hub has been completed in 2014 and is scheduled to begin after the construction and restructuring of our facility is completed.

The need for My Heart’s Appeal, Inc. to take Special Education to Liberia and eventually to other West African countries in need, birthed from the inspirational quest of its founder to help give one intellectually disabled child a chance to learn, in Liberia, West Africa.

This passion grew and was extended so that other individuals could be given a chance to learn without any form of discrimination either on the basis of sex, culture or religion.  It is the belief of this Corporation that all individuals deserve the inherent and socio-political rights to all the privileges enjoyed by what we call “normal people.”  If education is the gateway to all human and social development, then no society should preclude any of its citizenry from being educated, but make provision for proper education, training and integration of such individual in the larger society.

All contributions to MHA are tax deductible.