To facilitate the establishment of quality training and employment for teenage and adult persons with intellectual disabilities (ID) in Liberia, West Africa.

You stopped by to browse and find out how you can help make a big difference in the life of an intellectually disabled (ID) individual  in Liberia, West Africa. We need your support. Thank you for your interest.

My Heart’s Appeal is now in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), since, 2019.

Enduring sustainability is a somber contemplation for MHA. Ideally, the bulk of our income is spent on programs, rather than operating costs.  Making shrewd choices that reduce overhead expenses is our goal.

An August 2011 feasibility study ascertained the need to initiate training and employment services for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities, perhaps the largest under served group in the country. The identity that comes with the training programs is made clearer to the surrounding community, opening the way for these individuals to live productive lives, to find employment opportunities and for their families to reclaim their dignity in the community.

MHA has embarked on  awareness campaigns that have continuously located special needs children in and around communities that are being marginalized and not in educational programs.

We would like to see a change in attitude of the Liberian community and that our constituency is not the result of something mothers did wrong and being punished for. Nor that their disabilities are the handy work of the devil, or that those with disabilities have nothing productive to offer the family or the community. We look forward to working with local businesses to help dispel the myth. Everyone can be productive; once given a chance!

MHA Tax ID Number is 52-1991282; for taxable contributions.