2018 Newsletters

MHA Biannual July 2018

2016 Newsletters

MHA Biannual July 2016
MHA Celebrates World Down Syndrome, March 2016
MHA 4th Annual Benefit Dinner, February 2016
MHA Biannual January 2016

2015 Newsletters

MHA Invited to Morris United Methodist Church, October, 2015
University of Central Oklahoma Students Volunteers September, 2015
MHA Biannual July 2015
MHA Programs Online Sponsorship Tea Party, June 2015
MHA April 2015 Press Release

MHA – Liberia March 2015 Press Release
MHA February 2015 Press Release
MHA – Liberia January 2015 Press Release
MHA Newsletter January 2015


2014 Newsletters

MHA December 2014 Press Release
MHA CEO with Elaine Houston In The Place For Women, October 2014MHA Biannual July 2015
MHA Ebola Response Drive Ends, October 2014
Speakers of Ebola Crisis In Liberia, October 2014
Liberia Ebola Response Drive October 2014
Ebola Response Announcement, September 2014
MHA August 2014 Press Release
MHA Newsletter July 2014
MHA Tea Party Event Flyer-2 June 2014
MHA Tea Party Event Flyer-1 June 2014
MHA Applebee Flapjack Fundraiser, May 2014
MHA Mission Trip Briefing, April 2014
MHA at Barnes & Noble , April 2014
MHA April 2014 Press Release
MHA March 2014 Press Release
MHA February 2014 Press Release
MHA at Full Circle Bookstore, February 2014
MHA Newsletter January 2014


2013 Newsletters

From the Board October 2013 (PDF)
MHA Newsletter, July 2013 (PDF)
Free Taste Test Party, May 2013 (PDF)
From the Board May 2013 (PDF)
MHA Movie Night Out, May 2013 (PDF)
MHA Celebrates World Down Syndrome, March 2013 (PDF)
MHA February 2013 Press Release (PDF)
MHA Newsletter, January 2013 (PDF)
Pasture Official Fundraiser Nov. 28 – Feb. 28, 2013


2012 Newsletters

Bigma’s Care Talent Show Dec. 2012
MHA Thankful Parents Flyer, November 2012 (PDF)
MHA Pasture for the Sheep Fundraising Poster (PDF)
MHA October 2012 Press Release
MHA Ribbon Cutting Flyer October 2012
MHA Newsletter July 2012 (PDF)
MHA Program Launch Flyer July 2012 – Liberia (PDF)
MHA Silent Auction Flyer June 2012 (PDF)
MHA Community Action Plan Flyer April 2012 (PDF)