1.   Generating funds to support the mission of My Heart’s Appeal, Incorporation.

The Corporation is non-profit and receives most of its proceeds from fund raising activities, grants and donations.  MHA plans to engage in entrepreneurships ventures to help generate funding for its objectives.

2.   Creating a safe campus in Liberia,  to give teens and adults in West Africa with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to train, work and be productive.

The campus landscape will address vocational, occupational  and residential needs of  its occupants. The programs will provide technical, career skilled training to high school students through adulthood and an opportunity for employment and also offer community services to children with disabilities.

 3.   Providing training programs for teachers and assistants to work effectively with people with disabilities.

Partnerships will be established through universities to provide support for the teacher training programs to meet the need of our target population.

 4.    Educating the public about the many skills and capabilities of people with intellectual disabilities.

MHA will attempt to dispel the myth that  individuals with intellectual disabilities can not be productive citizens in society.

 5.   Assist in funding the purchase of special equipment, materials and  transportation for the deserving applicants.

The Corporation will be responsible for purchasing or through donation, special equipments such as computers, mobile devices for learning to deserving applicants.

 6.   Assisting in the cost of furthering the education of the mild, moderate, or severe intellectually disabled teens and adults.

The Corporation will be responsible to offer, scholarships from other organization, through grants and letters of appeal to deserving applicants.