MHA has embarked on an awareness campaign and continuing to fund raise for our capital campaign, land and building project to ensure all of our hubs are built.

You have a chance to leave a lasting legacy of your family name. Sponsor a project from our plan and have your name engraved on a bench, brick, building, hall, hub, field, garden, center, walkway, playground, guest house, shop, bedroom or name it and we may consider. (Join the list of naming rights at the bottom of page)

Then take a trip and visit our community and enjoy the food and culture of Liberia.

MHA proposed business model features 5 hubs, or centers of activity, training and a community support infrastructure.  Together they will form a community enterprise to facilitate a life in a secure setting where residents may train, work and become productive.  Each hub is designed to be a revenue-generator to the end of becoming a self-sustaining community.

An assessment phase of our first hub, the Connie Thrash McGoodwin Vocational Training Hub has been completed and is scheduled to begin its pilot phase after the construction and furnishings of our facility is completed.



The Hubs will House MHA Programs and Services:

Connie Thrash McGoodwin Vocational Training Hub

Tailoring, Wood-works, Pastry, Handicraft/Floral Design/Interior Decoration, Farming, Computer & Library Skills, Literacy/Numeracy, Life Skills; other future plans includes Custodial Services,  Cosmetology, House Keeping, Animal Husbandry, and Office Clerical.

Teacher Training Hub

MHA Administrative Offices, Resource Offices/ Multipurpose, Conference Room, Resource Library, Auditorium, Staff Offices, Educational Clinical Evaluation Center, Educational Resources, Teacher Training Center

Residential Hub

Clients Habitat, Parking Facilities/ Seating Areas, Chapel/Campus Gathering Place/Multipurpose, Guest House/ Staff Housing, Health Clinic, Cafeteria, Facility Maintenance Building, Electric Generated Water Tower, Local Well, Generator Facility, Solar Power Panel

Recreational Hub

Stadium: Gymnasium, Volley Ball Court, Baseball Diamond, Soccer Field, Classrooms, Security Offices, Table Games

Commercial Hub

Sub-contract opportunities/Shrink Wrapping, Garden House, Hotel Management, Restaurant/Internet Cafe, Tailoring Shop, Soap Making, and Eatery

List of Naming Rights: Al & Nancy Williams Bakery & Coffee Shop, Lilygrass Flowers & Decor-Liberia Gift Shop, Walt & Harriot LaGrone Wood Carving Creations, Love Meyer & Leonard Community Hall, Wynne Wayland & Rose Woodworth Building, Friends of Liberia Goodwill Well and Dr. Arthur & Charlene Richardson Liberty Garden